The Team

Arian Prevalla – Owner – (CFI, MEI, ATP, AGI, IGI)

I am originally from Albania, but currently live in Hartford, CT. I saw the need for a Professional Style Flight Training facility. With previous experience as an International Aviation businessman and as an entrepreneur, I immediately recognized the ability to satisify that need. With that in mind Connecticut Flight Academy was born in 2006. CFA started with one airplane and one Flight Instructor and now has the largest fleet of Piper Tomahawks in the North East United States, along with a Complex and two Multi-Engine aircrafts and we are continuing to grow every year. In 2014, American Flight Academy was born in East Haven, CT and in July 2016 we adopted the same name in Hartford, CT so as we continue to grow we will continue to go forward as American Flight Academy.

Kevan Ross – Chief Flight Instructor – (CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP)

Prior to the real-estate crash in 2007 I was able to fund and start my aviation training in an effort to leave a failing industry. I did not have the luxury of taking my time, so after moving in with my flight instructor I put together a program I use to this day. This program allowed me to complete my commercial pilot training from 0 hours to commercial pilot rating, including Flight Instructor with an Instrument rating, in just over 3 months.

Most of my training was completed in a highly advanced Cessna 182TC equipped with a glass cockpit. Such training put me at the fore front of aviation, a small percent of an already elite group called pilots. The speed at which I finished my training is rarely heard of and even less common to complete with minimum guidance.

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