Our Graduates

Student Name
Where are they from?
Date CompletedLicense/Ratings Achieved
Joel Padilla
Phillipenes, Currently Hartford, CT
1/12/2016CFI - Certified Flight Instructor
Diego Tovar SolisEcuador1/14/2016Private Pilot
Diego Tovar SolisEcuador4/28/2016Instrument
Andre RodriguezPeru1/14/2016Instrument
Andre RodriguezPeru4/28/2016Commerical Multi-Engine License
Robert OborenkoHartford, CT1/22/2016CFII Re-Instatement
Milosz Nowak
Poland, Currently Hartford, CT
1/25/2016Private Pilot
TJ FortinHartford, CT2/8/2016Commercial Single Engine License
Robert GildersleeveHartford, CT3/1/2016Private Pilot
Artur Parzych
Poland, Currently Hartford, CT
3/8/2016CFI - Certified Flight Instructor
Mathieu Marques Alfarroba
France3/8/2016Commercial Single Engine License
Mathieu Marques Alfarroba
France4/18/2016Commercial Multi-Engine License
Mathieu Marques Alfarroba
France4/28/2016Instrument Rating
Alex K.Hartford, CT3/8/2016Commercial Single Engine License
John CifarelliHartford, CT3/21/2016Private Pilot License
Michele ZieglerHartford, CT3/23/2016Private Pilot License
Kyle JohnsonHartford, CT4/13/2016Private Pilot License
Rayan Al GhamdiSaudi Arbia4/13/2016Private Pilot License
Jeff LaPierreHartford, CT4/15/2016Private Pilot License
Sean MurphyHartford, CT5/10/2016Private Pilot License
Nicole OlmsteadHartford, CT5/14/2016CFI - Certified Flight Instructor
Rudolfo CostaBrazil, Currently Hartford, CT5/14/2016Commercial Multi-Engine License
Guillermo Bourgeois
Argentina, Currently Hartord, CT
5/23/2016Multi-Engine Instructor
Derek SchwalenburgHartford, CT5/25/2016ATP Certificate
Lieven Van BelleBelgium5/25/2016
FAA rated Muti-Engine with an Instrument rating
Phillipus DeutzFrance5/25/2016
FAA rated Muti-Engine with an Instrument rating
Donna SheaHartford, CT5/29/2016Private Pilots License
Abhishek KotcherlakotaIndia6/6/2016Commercial Multi-Engine License
Chris WilliamsHartford, CT6/7/2016Private Pilot License
Charles PlatzHartford, CT6/23/2016Private Pilot License
Jorge SugashimaPeru6/20/2016Private Pilot License
Adan OrejuelaHartford, CT6/26/2016Private Pilot License
Azim ThassimSri Lanka7/5/2016CFI - Certified Flight Instructor
Zhiyi 'David' JiaChina7/8/2016Private Pilot
Aleesha ParekhIndia7/8/2016CFI - Certified Flight Instructor
Juan Carlos GutierrezMexico7/20/2016Instrument Rating
Aaron SarwarHartford, CT7/30/2016Private Pilot License
Ying 'Ada' XiongChina8/5/2016Private Pilot License
Benjamin RockeyHartford, CT8/9/2016Private Pilot License
Sudarshan SukumaranSri Lanka8/9/2016Instrument Rating
Diego Tovar SolisEcuador8/23/2016Commerical Multi-Engine License
Diego Tovar SolisEcuador8/23/2016Commerical Single Engine License
Daniel DieboldGermany9/9/2016FAA rated Muti-Engine with an Instrument rating
Sairam Simhadri East Haven, CT9/22/2016Private Pilot License
Rayan Al GhamdiSaudi Arbia9/23/2016Instrument Rating
Andrew SodergrenHartford, CT9/27/2016Private Pilot License
Kyle JohnsonHartford, CT9/27/2016Instrument Rating
Juan Carlos GutierrezMexico10/7/2016Commerical Multi-Engine License
George ArthurEast Haven, CT11/1/2016Private Pilot License
Gaetan LaplanteHartford, CT11/7/2016Private Pilot License
Cole DohertyHartford, CT11/7/2016Private Pilot License
Leonard MilstoneEast Haven, CT11/12/2016Private Pilot License
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