Connecticut Flight Academy’s origins began in 2006 when its owner, Arian Prevalla, saw the need for a Professional Style Flight Training facility. Mr. Prevalla, whose previous experience as an international aviation businessman and as an entrepreneur, immediately recognized the ability to satisfy this need. With this need in mind, Connecticut Flight Academy was born. CFA first started with one airplane and an instructor. After building its clientele Connecticut Flight Academy grew and acquired an existing flight school, Metro Flight Services, located at Hartford Brainard Airport (KHFD) in October 2007.

With the school came an additional four aircraft to its fleet giving it a variety of basic two-seat and complex four-seat airplanes. Now the vision of a full professional ‘airline bound’ pilot training facility was beginning to take shape. The facility was renovated including new technology based teaching tools common in advanced learning classrooms worldwide. These improvements also included a Federal Aviation Administration Approved Advanced Aviation Training Device. This industry leading simulator allows students to learn more effectively in both time and cost. An additional Piper Cherokee joined the fleet in August 2009. The tools were now in place to provide thorough, efficient training to both future professional and pleasure pilots.

Connecticut Flight Academy then set out to develop the foundation of a variety of flight training programs. The first step was completed in November 2008 by becoming a FAA approved Part 141 Pilot Training Facility. Shortly after that CFA was approved by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to offer VA assistance to Veterans seeking flight training. With the domestic market fully in play CFA looked to go global. CFA became approved by the US government to Issue I-20 Forms for M-1 Student Visas. They are the first and only fixed wing flight school in the state of Connecticut to have this authorization.

Why Choose AFA?

Comprehensive Efficient Training Programs

AFA offers both Part 141 Training and 61 Training Curriculums. Being Part 141 means all training facilities, aircraft, instructors, and syllabuses have been reviewed and approved by FAA inspectors. Our staff is dedicated to providing professional efficient training to meet your needs.

Experienced Instructional Staff

AFA is very proud of our highly experienced instructional staff. American Flight Academy has a friendly, experienced staff of FAA Certified Flight Instructors, many of which have obtained a Gold Seal from the FAA. Many of them have professional experience flying for charter companies, corporate owners, and traditional airlines.

Leased Vs. Owned Aircraft

All of AFA’s aircraft are owned by AFA. This ensures that your training aircraft won’t disappear in the middle of your training due to the lease expiring causing extra training and expenditures for the student.

Flight Training Facilities

AFA has a fleet of 21 Piper aircraft to meet various flight training needs. The all Piper fleet ensures a similar design and layout regardless of which aircraft one is flying.

AFA’s Hartford-Brainard Location is also home to a FAA Approved Advanced Aviation Flight Training Device. This device enables us to perform a variety of training subjects in a stress-free, cost-effective training environment.

Geographical Location

American Flight Academy is a short flight away from some of the busiest airspace in the world in New York’s and Boston’s Class Bravo Airspaces. This will provide you with excellent training operating in high-traffic areas.

Four Season Pilot Training

Connecticut offers more than exposure to all weather conditions. As a pilot learning in the Northeast you will learn how to fly in rapidly changing weather conditions including low clouds, rain, snow, and low temperature operations.

Our instrument pilots will all have plenty of exposure to flight in actual weather conditions that cannot be replicated in all portions of the country.

Aircraft Maintenance

AFA’s fleet is maintained by our company full-time maintenance staff. All maintenance work is planned to minimize any student training interruptions.

Flexible Training Facilities

American Flight Academy offers an easy-to-reach flight training facility. Our training facility is located at Hartford-Brainard Airport just outside of Downtown Hartford.

Flexible Training Schedule

We train around your schedule offering training 7 days a week with training times starting early morning until late night.

Course Training Cost

American Flight Academy offers the best priced Airline Pilot Program in not just the country, but the world. Guaranteed!

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